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Top 5 Perma Child Safety Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Parents

Top 5 Perma Child Safety Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Parents

Top 5 Perma Child Safety Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Parents

Unless you’re an experienced parent, shopping for a baby shower gift can feel confusing – especially if the parents-to-be haven’t set up some kind of registry. When it comes to purchasing the ‘perfect’ baby shower gift, it is important to consider what items would best help relieve the stress if being a new parent and ease them into parenthood. After all, new parents can use all the help, support, and guidance from their loved ones as they can get in this new chapter of their lives.


Whether you’re a guest shopping for a baby shower gift, or the mum-to-be needing ideas for your baby registry, this article details Perma Child Safety’s baby shower suggestions for new parents. Our products are designed for children between the ages of 6 months to 2 years old, thus they are not for immediate use after birth. However, these long-lasting gift ideas will make navigating the first few years of parenthood easier.


1. Retractable Baby Gate

Perma Child Safety’s Retractable Baby Gate is an innovative and functional product perfect for childproofing homes and keeping little ones safe. Retractable gates are a great gift idea for new parents who want to prepare their homes for when their baby starts exploring the floor space. Designed to keep harm away and foster a safe environment, this item provides a sense of security for both parents and children.


Once your toddler begins crawling, a retractable baby gate will prevent them from hitting any sharp edges or from falling down the stairs. Furthermore, they can also be used to separate children and pets either while they’re still getting acquainted or if you don’t want them playing together unsupervised.


Perma Child Safety Retractable Baby Gate

Features and Benefits
  • Retractable Design: This allows the gate to neatly spool to one side when not in use, creating a blockage free walkway.
  • UV Protection: Our gates are made with a durable mesh fabric with built-in UV protection, allowing the gate to last longer in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Auto Locking Feature: This means the gate mesh won’t sag, preventing your little one from attempting to crawl underneath the gate.
  • One Handed Operation: Our gate allows parents to easily open and retract the gate, even with their baby in one hand.


From our Retractable Baby Gate range, we suggest either the 1.8m Wide or Ultimate model. The 1.8m Wide Retractable Baby Gate stands at a height of  84cm and a width of 1.8m. The gate’s broadness means it can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces like doorways, staircases, decks, and alfresco areas. Made from a plastic casing, this gate is also lightweight and easy to move around when necessary.


The Ultimate Retractable Baby Gate is our top of the range baby gate, standing at a height of 1m and extending out to 1.8m wide. This item’s height prevents extra-adventurous children from attempting to climb over it. It also features a stylish, sleek aluminium casing which weathers better than plastic, increasing the gate’s usage and longevity.


Note that all our Retractable Baby Gates must be installed onto a flat surface. For staircases, we understand that banisters come in all shapes and sizes and would suggest using the Extra Tall Banister Adapter Kit to resolve this issue. The tall length of the timber adapters makes it suitable for banisters of all heights and can be easily shortened by cutting the excess timber. The included zip ties are also used to secure the timber in place, ensuring a seamless and tool-less installation.


In enhancing the functionality of our Retractable Baby Gate, installing additional Wall Mounting Sets around the home allows the gate to be easily moved from place to place, depending on where your child is.


2. Pressure Mounted Gates

Perma Child Safety’s Pressure Mounted Gates are secured using pressure from the two surfaces the gate is positioned between. This baby shower idea is ideal for parents who live in a rental property or want a quick and easy install that won’t damage walls or doorways with holes.  

 Perma Child Safety Clear Ultimate Safety Gate


Features and Benefits

  • Safe Step Bottom Bar: Our standard and Clear Ultimate Safety gates each feature a safe step bottom bar that sits as low and close to the ground as possible to decrease the risk of it being a tripping hazard.
  • Auto Close Feature: Unless left open at a 90-degree angle, this gate will auto close and lock itself.
  • 2-Way Directional Control: Compared to most gates that only swing in one direction, this gate opens in both directions, broadening its options for movement.
  • Sturdy Metal Frame: Made from a metal frame, the standard and Clear Ultimate Safety gates will not warp or bend from prolonged use, making them suitable for high traffic hallway locations.


Our top two picks from our Pressure Mounted Gate range are the Ultimate Safety Gate and Clear Ultimate Safety Gate. Both items function similarly, with the only difference being that the Clear model features a see-through panel that won’t block your toddler’s line of sight. These safety gates stand at 75cm tall and 73cm wide. Additional extensions are available to lengthen the gate to 82cm for wider spaces.


Some pressure mounted gates can cause damage to a wall from prolonged shaking and heavy use. We suggest using Wall Protectors to prevent this issue from occurring. Using silicone base grips, this accessory disperses the gate’s weight and pressure over a larger surface which provides additional sturdiness and prevents the item from sliding around.


3. Premium Playpen and Barrier

Perma Child Safety’s Premium Playpen Barrier is our top of the range child safety tool. Sturdy and safe, this item is ideal for parents who want the best value and usage out of their belongings. This product stands at 75cm tall with a play area of 16 square feet. Each panel measures at 73cm wide while all six configurations total a width of 3.7m.


Perma Child Safety Premium Playpen and Barrier


Features and Benefits

  • 3 in 1 Design: This product has been designed for ultimate multi-purpose functionality, usable as a playpen, and also as a baby gate and barrier when mounted across a doorway or in and around the stairs.
  • Easy Storage: When not in use, this playpen folds away for convenient storage in locations such as under your couch, in the closet or in any other compact space.
  • Sturdy Metal Frame: The item’s steel frame means it’s built to last and won’t break from prolonged use.
  • One Handed Operation: The gate’s safety latch is designed for easy one-handed operation, allowing busy parents to open the corral gate even with a baby in hand.


Accidents are bound to happen once your little one begins their adventure around the home, and parents can only plan to minimise the damage caused when these incidents occur. Placing a Playpen Mat inside this product will help soften any falls or trips that may occur. Simply place the mat inside the Playpen and secure it to the bottom bar of each panel with the ties.


As the child grows stronger and taller, more stress is put on the Playpen to keep them safe. The best way to extend the usefulness period for your playpen is by using a Barrier Stability clip that will reinforce stability. Effectively stopping this item from moving around. Simply position the clip in the desired installation location and apply and press down on the barrier to clip it into place.


4. Portable Playpen 

Perma Child Safety’s Portable Playpen is 140cm wide and 68cm tall, allowing parents to quickly make anywhere child safe and ready playtime. This item is suitable for parents who frequently move around and are on the go.


Perma Child Safety Portable Playpen   

Features and Benefits

  • Super Portable: As its name suggests, this playpen is collapsible when not in use can be easily moved around and allows you to make anywhere child safe.
  • Soft Protect: The soft mesh sides and padded base of this playpen create a soft and protective and safe environment for your child to enjoy and play in
  • Water Resistant Fabric: This means it’s perfect for when there is a spill or if it is accidentally hit by a garden hose.


5. Locks and Latches 

Perma Child Safety’s Locks and Latches range includes a mix of adhesive and hardware mounted products to lock and secure cabinets and drawers. These items are great for parents looking to get a head start on childproofing their furniture around the house before their children begin their home adventures.


From this range, we suggest three childproofing products for new parents – Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks, Adhesive Universal Flexi Locks and Premium Corner Locks.


Our Magnetic locks have been tested to withstand up to 20kg of pull force, preventing children from accessing cupboards, cabinets and drawers. This set includes eight locks (with an auto-locking feature when drawers and doors are closed) and a matching key. When in use, the locking indicator shows up as green and when inactive it will show up as red.


Perma Child Safety Magnet Locks


Perma Child Safety’s Premium Corner Locks have been tested to withstand 30kg of force, featuring a double lock to prevent children from accessing cabinets and drawers. The rounded edge of this item also prevents little ones from hitting their head against the sharp edges of these furniture items.


Perma Child Safety Premium Corner Locks


Available in three sizes – 12, 18 and 23, our Adhesive Universal Flexi Locks are flexible latches that use a toolless, quick and easy installation. This item allows you to keep appliances, cabinets and drawers reliably safeguarded, preventing your little ones from rummaging through these drawers. This product has been thoroughly tested and is suitable for surfaces such as coated timber, metal, tile, painted drywall and glass.


Perma Child Safety Flexi Locks




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