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A Guide to Perma Child Safety’s Spare Parts and Accessories

A Guide to Perma Child Safety’s Spare Parts and Accessories

A Guide to Perma Child Safety’s Spare Parts and Accessories

Once your little one gets bigger and starts exploring your home, accidents are, unfortunately, bound to happen. This may result in lost or damaged parts of your household items – including any of your Perma Child Safety products. As parents, it’s important to plan to prevent these incidents from reoccurring.


Perma Child Safety offers a range of spare parts and accessories that are useful for substituting parts and even customising the usage of our products, they’re also a great alternative to re-purchasing the product and increasing the longevity of your item. These Spare Parts and Accessories can be used for our Retractable, Hardware Mounted and/or Pressure Mounted Gates.



Perma Child Safety Gate Retractable Gate 

The Perma Child Safety Retractable Gate is an innovative and functional product perfect for childproofing your home and ensuring the utmost safety for your baby. It also doubles up as a pet gate, allowing you to separate your pet and baby.


Perma Child Safety Retractable Gate


Retractable Gate Wall Mounting Set
While our retractable gates are already equipped with wall mounts, an additional set could be used as replacements or as a customisation tool to enhance the gate’s functionality. More specifically, installing additional mounting sets in different areas of your home means that the gate can be moved from place to place, depending on where your child is.


Retractable Gate Wall Mounting Set


Retractable Gate Wall Spacer 
Wall spacers are used to correct the offset of the skirting board of a wall, establishing an even installation of the retractable gate. This item is installed by measuring the width of the skirting board and stacking together the required number of wall spacers that will best suit the measured length.


Retractable Gate Wall Spacer



Perma Child Safety Pressure Mounted Gates

Perma Child Safety’s Pressure Mounted Gates use a tool-less installation as opposed to hardware fixing. These gates are suitable for parents who live in a rental property or want to avoid any potential damage to surfaces that a Hardware Mounted Gate may cause.


Perma Child Safety Pressure Mounted Gates


Pressure Mounted Safety Gate Mounting Bolts
This item functions similarly to our Retractable Gate Wall Mounting Set, allowing your Pressure Mounted Gate to be moved between different locations.


Perma Child Safety Pressure Mounted Safety Gate Mounting Bolts


Pressure Mounted Gate Wall Protectors 
Our Wall Protectors can be used on walls, door frames or skirting boards and keeps our Pressure Mounted Gates extra sturdy. Using silicone base grips, this accessory disperses pressure over a larger area to ensure a secure fit while protecting surfaces from scuffs and marks.


Perma Child Safety Pressure Mounted Gate Wall Protectors


Banister Adapter Kit - an accessory for all 

The Extra Tall Wall Banister Adapter Kit is suitable for all Perma Child Safety Gates. This item is best used on staircases where banisters do not have a flat surface. The tall length of the timber adapters makes it suitable for banisters of all heights and can be easily shortened by cutting the excess timber. The included zip ties are also used to secure the timber in place, ensuring a seamless and tool-less installation. 



Spare Parts for Everyone 

Perma Child Safety’s Spare Parts and Accessories each serve a specific purpose in establishing a safe home environment for your child. We recommend purchasing products from our Spare Parts and Accessories range along with our Child Safety Gates. If you require further assistance, contact our customer service through our live chat!

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