When To Install and Remove Baby Gates

When To Install and Remove Baby Gates

When To Install and Remove Baby Gates

Baby-proofing the home can be a particularly tricky task. If you’re looking into some of the major details of a safe home for a child, you’ll probably be interested in learning more about installing and removing the baby gate in your home. Watching kids grow and hit major milestones is a beautiful thing. Keep your kids safe by knowing when to install a baby gate as well as when to take it down. See below for some helpful tips on managing the baby gate in your home.

When To Install Baby Gates

baby gate installed in the house

Knowing when to install a baby gate can help keep your child safe. Get ahead of the game by installing a retractable baby gate before your baby begins to explore. Be sure to keep an eye out for signs of milestones from your child. When you notice your child beginning to independently move around you should be on alert. Most babies start with exploring floor space and rolling around at about four months, depending on the child. Some babies begin rolling as early as 3 months. At this point, you’ll benefit from having already purchased your baby gate.

Staying ahead of the game is key. Babies typically begin moving more after the rolling stages. Once your baby begins to crawl you should begin to consider installing your gate. There are many types of gates to choose from. Retractable gates are available as well as pressure mounted baby gates and hardware mounted baby gates. Babies typically begin to crawl between six and eleven months. Some fast developing babies may skip the crawling phase and begin to walk early. In this case, you should definitely install your baby gate immediately.

Each child develops at their own pace, so it is very important to be aware of your child’s milestones when considering when to install your baby gate. The home set up and dynamics may also affect your decision, households with pets that need to be separated from babies may need to install their gates as early as possible. Do whatever it takes to keep your child safe and avoid major headaches in the future.

Tips: Households with stairs should 100% be equipped with a baby gate. Consider installing multiple gates in larger homes. Also, invest in retractable mesh accordion gates for easy removal areas and hardware mounted gates for areas that should be heavily guarded.


How Long Do You Need A Baby Gate?

Knowing when to remove your baby gate is just as important as knowing when to put it up. Baby gates are recommended and safest for children between 6 months and two years old depending on development milestones and behavior.

Watching your child’s milestones is a major key to understanding when to remove your baby gate. When your child begins to peak in curiosity and mobility, the baby gate may become a restriction. Be sure to watch if your child can jump over the gate, or if your child has figured out how to open the gate.

These are key signs to knowing when to remove your baby gate. The same should be considered if your child is banging on the gate with strength and the ability to knock it down. The gate is considered necessary and useful only during the time when it can actually protect your child. Toddlers can get sneaky, be sure to watch their behavior near the baby gate. Here are a few tips to consider to prepare your child for when you remove the baby gate.

  • Teach your child stair safety methods
  • Slowly introduce your child to independently moving around the home
  • Introduce your child to new sections of the home with supervision

Before considering removing your baby gates be sure to take your time to introduce your child to safe independent movement throughout your home. Allow your child to move around individual rooms within the home and monitor their behavior in the space. Be sure to teach your children the proper safety precautions that pertain to your home. Once it’s time to remove your baby gates you’ll feel confident allowing your child to explore independently.

Are Stairs Dangerous For Toddlers?

Toddlers are a curious bunch, they move around with no inhibitions, and in some cases, stairs can be very dangerous for toddlers.

Major tip alert! If your home has stairs you should definitely have a baby gate! Toddlers are a curious bunch, they move around with no inhibitions, and in some cases, stairs can be very dangerous for toddlers. A large portion of child injuries in the home are caused by small children falling down the stairs. Children are at risk of suffering major neck and head injuries in the case of an accident on the stairs. Be sure to install a baby gate for stairs in all areas necessary in your home.

If you’re wondering how to install a baby gate at the top of the stairs, have no worries, there are several easy install options for baby gates. Easy retractable baby gates work well for smaller babies with less strength, but they may not be the best fit for a curious toddler.  If you decide to install a hardware mounted baby gate you may need to put in a little more work, but even in that case you can call on a professional or refer to directions. Here are a few tips to promote stair safety in your home:

  • Be sure to install baby gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs
  • Be sure all baby gates are properly installed to avoid accidents
  • Maintain cleanliness of the stair area.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on your child’s behavior while using the stairs.
  • Show your toddler stair safety tips. Remind them not to walk on the stairs with toys or other items
  • Avoid carrying toddlers up and down the stairs, this could lead to a loss of balance or slipping injuring you and your child.

Childproofing the house can be challenging, but it does not have to be. Installing a baby gate may be one of the easiest and safest things you can do. Once you decide to install your baby gate, always remember to monitor your child’s milestones and general behaviors. Actively monitoring your child’s behavior will help determine what further steps you will need to maintain their safety in the home. Install Perma Child Safety‘s baby gates in your home, you won’t regret it!