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Home Safety Guide

Home Safety Guide

Home Safety Guide

When you bring a new life into this world your primary focus soon shifts to only becoming that of keeping your child as safe from harm as you can. The problem is every space or open environment your child may be in can suddenly turn into a plethora of safety concerns you will need to be aware of. Areas such as parks, restaurants, malls, office buildings, and even playgrounds will require your awareness and improvisation when it comes to protecting your child. There will also be many spaces your child or baby will be exposed to that will be out of your control regarding the level of safety they have been designed with. However, one of the most important and frequented locations of your child’s life will be the home you provide for them.

The great news is that the home is the only space where you can control and limit the exposure to potentially dangerous situations or hazards. Being the busy parents we can be, we can sometimes overlook even the smallest of details. Create a checklist as you look around your home of potential problem areas add think about what child or baby safety products can help keep your home safe for small children.

Through understanding the safety of the smallest nooks and crannies, to the largest open areas of your home, you can secure a safe yet fun environment for your little ones to flourish without fear.


Burns and electrocutions are among the worst accidents that can occur in the home. We all know the common culprits of burns being stove top, hot drink, bath water and firecrackers but what about the other potential burn risks?

Exercise equipment found in many homes pose a real danger and threat to children. Treadmills have been in the spotlight recently for causing serious burns, and even death in children. Educate your children on the danger of treadmills and fitness equipment and set aside time to work out while your little ones are a safe distance away. For babies putting a door safety latch on the work out room or position your treadmill so that you can easily view it when children are around.

Another potential burn hazard to consider is the Fireplace. Crackling firewood logs can project embers that may come into contact with your child or pet. These can easily be prevented with child safety products designed primarily for protecting your young one from such elements. We suggest securing your fireplace with a Perma Child Safety Fireplace barrier. These unique safety barriers can be made to fit a variety of sizes due to the varied barrier extensions available. Perma Child Safety fireplace barriers are made with a strong steel frame and reliable safety gates that lock with strength and security.

Electricity and young children, particularly toddlers, also do not mix well. Many small children experience electric shock from biting into electrical cords or poking fingers and metal objects such as forks or knives into unprotected outlets or appliances. Other shock hazards include toys and appliances make unexpected contact with water where a child is sitting or standing.

Luckily for you there are a variety of safety outlet products from Perma Child Safety to close off each outlet in your home specific to each outlet’s design and ability. It may be one of the smallest changes you can make to your home, but it is one of the most significant changes. There is no change too small when it comes to the safety of your little one. 


Once those little humans get mobile it’s game time! Everything in the path of discovery of our new explorer could be a potential hazard and their curiosity levels are heightened from having access to new areas at their own will. As parents you need to make sure home is ready to go BEFORE your little one is. Corners, edges, stairs, and forbidden rooms should all be taken into careful consideration when you begin the process of childproofing your home. These areas of your home could potentially prove to be the most fatal to your child if forgotten or ignored when baby-proofing your rooms.

Start with safeguarding coffee tables and any sharp edges that are head-high for a toddler with Perma Child Safety foam edge or corner protectors since balance is not a toddler’s strong point. Our corner covers are made with precision and care with the safety of your child in mind as all it takes is one stumble and a backward fall onto a sharp table corner that can result in an expensive emergency room visit.

Fit cabinet doors that contain drug store or cleaning items with child safety locks and latches and install child safety barriers on staircases to prevent possible tumbles, there are so many danger areas that need to be accounted for.

The fact that stair falls are still one of many common causes of childhood injury and deaths when so easily preventable is astonishing. This should not be the occurring and at Perma Child Safety have some of the best safety gates for your child that are specially designed to create a reliable barrier between your child and these areas of potential hazards.


They say curiosity killed the cat, but it can also kill an unsuspecting baby or toddler playing “what’s behind the cabinet door”. Children of every culture love to make music by drumming on pots and pans found in the kitchen cupboard but what happens when they accidently open the wrong cupboard door? Hazardous liquids, sharp utensils and plastic bags can all prove fatal if found in the hands of inquisitive little minds.

The most effective way of preventing potential harm from contents found in cupboards is by installing one of the thirteen plus models of door latches available in Perma Child Safety’s Latch and Locks line of child safety products. There are styles available that cover all types of cabinetry and cupboard openings such as corner holds, strip locks, and clips. A great suggestion is to keep one drawer or cupboard in your kitchen at your child’s disposal that contains safe items for them to play around with. This will provide an area for them to explore and enjoy safe boundaries for you both.


Refrigerators and freezers are the household items you wouldn’t think would be too much of a hazard for a small child, however the typical inside of a fridge door is usually lined with large bottles of sauces, dips, or beverages in plastic and glass containers. These heavy items could be detrimental to your child if they manage to pull them from their resting places onto feet or toes. In order to keep from hurting themselves in this way it is important to seek locks that are specifically made for refrigerator and freezer doors.

The safety locks designed by the child safety team at Perma Child Safety is a product line ready to live up to your highest expectations regarding your little one’s safekeeping. These models are tremendously easy to attach and will remain in their proper place with strength and integrity.


Here at Perma Child Safety we understand the vital importance of giving your home the highest level of protection from household dangers for your newborn baby or child. It’s never too early to implement your baby-proof planning and prepare a safe environment in your home when these child safety products are readily available for you today, don’t wait till the last minute and risk forgetting crucial hazards that need attention.

With the assistance of the above products and safety considerations you should feel well equipped and confident knowing you’re using only the absolute best in child safety, because at Perma Child Safety your child’s life is the only thing that matters to us.