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Can I Use My Retractable Gate Outside?

Can I Use My Retractable Gate Outside?

Can I Use My Retractable Gate Outside?

Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is not only good for your wellbeing as a parent, but also good for your baby too. Senses can become stimulated by the colors, smells, and sounds that nature has to offer, and can even improve language skills as the excitement of playful opportunities presents itself to them.

Of course, the backyard can come with its own safety concerns and there may be areas within the space we would rather our children did not go and explore on their own. To combat these issues many parents, opt to use their baby gate as a safety barrier to close off areas of concern to allow little ones their own space to discover.

But this begs the question – does that mean my Perma Child Safety retractable baby gate can be used outside too?

YES, absolutely!

The outdoors is a wonderful place for exploration but often there can be a few safety obstacles to tackle. Garden ponds, fallen branches, garages storing hazardous materials, or steps and stairs. Outdoor stairs can tend to be made of rock and other strong materials (to weather the outdoors), which can result in greater injuries to your child than indoor stairs.

You can also use retractable, and pressure mounted baby gates to set up a barrier between pets and your children or guests. No matter the temperament of your family dog, they can still cause injury by jumping up in excitement and knocking a small child or baby over. Head injuries can occur from the knock causing contact with cement paths, rocks, or stairs.

The Perma Child safety Retractable Baby Gate is the perfect choice that can fit extra-large openings up to 71 inches wide, and the 39-inch-tall fabric is scratch and weather-resistant for outdoor durability. Also, it is protected by a one-year limited warranty

No matter the reason for use, we at Perma Child Safety have seen an increase in outdoor use of baby safety gates and barriers so not only are our retractable gates extremely functional, but they are also stylish and modern in design too.

Below are just some of the many benefits of our retractable gates that make them perfect for outdoors just as much as they are for indoors too.

  • UV MESH: Our weatherproof mesh will not fade even if placed in direct sunlight.
  • 100% RUST-PROOF: Can withstand and outlast most weather conditions without rusting from the elements.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT: Pets love being outside just as much as we do so we have made our retractable gates with the highest quality of scratch proof mesh for additional protection.
  • TWIN PACK: One for baby, one for the pets! Designed to protect your baby from the top to the bottom of stairs and avoid any accidents and keep pets at bay from potentially knocking your little one over and down the stairs.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG Perma Child Safety retractable gates are extremely strong and cater to medium-sized dogs from 10 to 40 pounds, as well as kids from 6 months to 24 months.