Playpen Barrier Stability Clip - 2 Pack

SKU: 2871

Hold It Where You Want It

These removable adhesive playpen stability clips allow you to hold your playpen barrier firmly in place, making it perfect for when the playpen barrier is used as a room divider or as a guard for the fireplace. These stability clips are suitable for use with the Perma Child Safety Playpen & Barrier (2747, 2752) and Extra Wide Barrier (2748).

  • Ensures your baby barrier stays put
  • Great for active babies who like to use the barrier to stand
  • Removable adhesive pads included to ensure easy install and removal
  • Pack QTY: 2

Perma Child Safety™ is devoted to creating a safer home environment. Through research, testing & design we pride ourselves in being the specialist in child safety for the modern home.



1. Peel & apply adhesive strip to base of stability clip

2. Position clip in desired installation location and apply

3. Press down on barrier to clip into place - for best adhesion wait 60mins before applying pressure to the barrier


1. Pull tab with arrows until adhesive stretches enough to become free