1m Extension Bracket

SKU: 2815

Use with 40cm, 50cm and 1m Extensions for extra stability.

Please note: Only one extension is to be used either side of the gate.

Colour Extension Compatible with:


#738 / 40cm

#739 / 50cm

#1787 / 1m

#2745 White Ultimate Safety Gate

#2744 Stellar LED Gate

#2770 Easy Fit Baby Gate

#2776 Extra Wide Easy Fit Baby Gate

Warm Black

#2697 / 40cm

#2698 / 50cm

#2699 / 1m

#2726 Warm Black Ultimate Safety Gate

#2775 Clear Ultimate Safety Gate


For use with Pressure Mounted Gates only. Only one extension to be fitted per side.

Install in two quick steps:

1.  Insert Extension Pins into Gate Extension
2.  Align Extension Pins with corresponding holes on Gate and insert