Home Safety Guide

Home Safety Guide

Home Safety Guide

Safety becomes a primary focus in your life when you bringing a new life into this world. Every environment that your child will be in turns into possible danger zone you'll need to be aware of. Some areas such as parks, restaurants, stores, and office buildings will require improvisation when it comes to protecting your child. The majority of the spaces your children will experience in their daily lives will be out of your control as to what level of safety they are designed with. However, one of the most important locations of your child’s life is the nest you create to be their home.

The home is the most essential to have full control over. Through properly understanding the smallest nooks and crannies to the large open spaces within your home, you can safeguard against the worst and secure an environment where your little ones can safely flourish.

 In being busy parents, we sometimes can overlook the small details. From protecting corners of a table or securing doors with safety locks to barricading the staircases to prevent a possible tumble there can be so many danger areas to account for. As you take a look around your home and create a checklist of the problem areas think about what items can help you and your home safe.

The popular phrase “better safe than sorry” is a good rule to go by when childproofing your home.  Remember, there is no such thing as too much research or securing too many areas of your home when it comes to the safety of your child.

Infant Injury Prevention

Burns and electrocutions are easily among the worst accidents that can occur in the home. These can be easily prevented with child safety products designed primarily for protecting your young one from such elements. By securing your fireplace with a Perma Child Safety Fireplace barrier you are preventing terrible harm to come to your child.

These unique safety barriers can be made to fit many different sizes with the varied barrier extensions. These fireplace barriers are made with a strong steel frame and reliable safety gates that lock with strength and security. Your child has natural instincts to learn about the world around them by feeling everything in their surrounding environment with their tiny fingers. This can easily get them into great trouble if their precious appendages find things like electrical sockets. Such a potentially dangerous scenario may easily be prevented if you immediately take action.

There is enough variety in the available models of Perma Child Safety outlet covers to close off each outlet in your home down to the specific detail of their design and ability. This is one of the smallest products, however, it is definitely one of the most important changes you will make in your home without a doubt. There is no change too small when it comes to the safety of your little one.

Dangers for your Mobile Toddler

Once your little one becomes mobile, there are so many aspects that are necessary to be sure they are secure. Corners, edges, stairs, and forbidden rooms should all be taken into careful consideration when you begin the process of childproofing your home. These areas of your home could potentially prove to be the most fatal to your child if forgotten or ignored when baby-proofing.

There have been way too many cases of children dying because of falling down the stairs or hitting their head on the corner of a coffee table. we have some of the best safety gates for your child that are specially designed to create a reliable barrier between your child and these areas of potential hazards.

With certainty, your young one will be stopped from slipping down a huge staircase or from entering a room filled with possible dangers in every nook and cranny. When it comes to the sharp corners of the tables and countertops in your home Perma Child Safety has you covered. These corner covers are made with precision and care with the safety of your child in mind.

Control Their Curiosity

A famous activity that tends to be enjoyed by children of every culture is to make music by drumming on pots and pans that are found in the lowest cupboards in the kitchen. This fun and adorable activity could easily become harmful if your child opens the wrong cabinet. The most effective way of preventing this potential harm is by installing one of the thirteen plus models of door latches available in Perma Child Safety’s Latch and Locks line of child safety products. There are styles available that cover all types of drawer and cupboard openings such as corner holds, strip locks, and simple clips. A great suggestion is to keep one drawer or cupboard in your kitchen at your child’s disposal that contains safe items for them to play around with. This will provide an area for them to explore and enjoy safe boundaries so both you and your child are happy.

Playing It Cool

The refrigerator and freezer are also very important storage units to be sure that they remain securely shut to protect your child. A typical fridge door is lined with large bottles of sauces, dips, or beverages that come in plastic and glass containers. These heavy items could be detrimental to your child if they manage to pull them from their resting places. In order to keep them from hurting themselves in this way, it is important to seek locks that are specifically made for refrigerator and freezer doors.

The locks designed by the child safety team at Perma Child Safety is a product line ready to live up to your highest expectations regarding your little one’s safekeeping. These models are tremendously easy to attach and will remain in their proper place with strength and integrity.

Childproofing Your Home is Easy

If your child has come into this world and there are still areas in your home where their safety is questionable it is already past time of when you should childproof your living space. The safety of your young ones is one of the most important concepts you will ever consider.

Your child’s wellbeing and entire future are reliant in many ways on the way that your home is childproofed. All the above suggestions, observations, and listed devices having to do with your child’s safety could be the beginning of a more reliable environment for the safety of your beloved child. There is no excuse or reason that should be deemed worthy of refraining from creating a safe home for these crucial growing years as you raise your child.

Here at Perma Child Safety, we understand the vital importance of giving your home the highest potential of safety as possible. It is not necessary to wait to create a safe environment when these child safety products are available for you today.